antique, vintage & contemporary one of a kind jewelry

Antique English Sports Medal

I have been collecting and selling these historical beauties for over 10 years. Each medal is a piece of art, full of mysterious history, created by master craftsmen silversmiths beginning in the 1700's.



Sterling silver half dome with Swarovski rivoli

Young and chic these pieces are made of quality materials and oozing with one of a kind dazzling creativity. 

Hand wired sterling silver and gem cuff

Hand forged, folded and ruffled this cuff of sterling silver is bursting with spectacular gems; amethyst, aquamarine and hand blown glass beads, onyx and seed beads.

necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wraps

blending antique styles and modern jewelry design since 1995


Perfect sapphire and cultured pearl 14kt gold ring, circa 1899

antique and vintage

Nothing thrills me more than to discover any antique treasure, such as this one. My goal in working with antique or vintage jewelry are those pieces that are intact, is to present it in a way that shows their unique untouched qualities. This lovely sapphire gold ring was created at the turn of the century and is rich with color as well as history.




A beautiful lapis lazuli on a solid Sterling Silver ring

handcrafted metalwork

Working with metals is always a journey of its own. I go by the feel of the metal. I believe when working with metals, one must listen with your hands to where the metal is guiding you. I love that about metals. Flexibility and sensitivity to touch is key to coaxing out the beauty of the finish.