Be Daring, girlfriend

Be Daring!



Be Daring, my dear. However, first you must choose what "your"daring is cause there are so many types of daring. Is your daring trying new coffee, skydiving, sticking up for yourself or is it going to the movies alone? The defination of daring is; adventurous or audaciously bold. Well, truth be told, my kinda daring is eating an entire cheeseburger with onion rings loaded with ketchup. I live with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. I have been disabled with it just too damn long. Actually, being daring is how I got started in jewelry. After I left my beloved career in 2002 and sorta got my health back, my friend said to me, "Pamela, you better find something to do cause you are driving us stark raving mad!" Actually, I was going crazy. After 25 years of a pedal to the metal career/lifestyle, it all came to a halt one day at my doctor's office. He said if you continue to work, you'll be digging your own grave, Okay, I can take a hint just like the next person. This is exactly how it felt for me..imagine this, you are driving a Porsche or your favorite sports car in 5th gear with the top down, wind in your hair, on your head, if you're bald..the radio is blasting Jimi Hendrix full tilt, a gorgeous California sunny day, lots of curvy mountainous roads to grip and handle and then all of a sudden someone reaches into your car the throws it into first gear. Well, that's sums it up fairly well. I went skidding sideway, burning rubber, leaving blackmarks everywhere, my car, my life was spinning out of conrol like an unbalanced washing machine. I then realized that everything I had worked so hard for was getting sucked into the down pieces. Needless to say, it was not a pretty site. Once I was able to pick myself up and dust off my boots, I started looking around with a sense of wonderment, What could I do at home? Considering my new circumstance, it felt hopeless. I don't know about you, but I go jewelry shopping. It's a great cure for all that ails you, specially hopelessness. I happened to meandeered into a shop full of eye candy so it held some promise for me. I was admiring a beautiful necklace and almost passed out at the price! As I turned over the piece of jewelry in my hand, I knew in my heart that I could do the same thing...maybe, could I be so daring? I went online to a place called Rio Grande**. I did not know it then but today it's my favorite place to buy supplies. I read everything I could about creating jewelry and started creating my own pieces. The first piece I made was a cool wire choker with small vintage tags woven throughout the necklace. I walked in a store my aunt owned and a customer grabbed it, told me she loved it and asked the price...I was like deer in headlights..

 This is a picture of me when she asked the price..

This is a picture of me when she asked the price..

So I blurted out, $100 and she whipped out the cash and shoved at me. I stood there shocked and thought, did I dare think of myelf as a jeweler? Why, yes I did! A new career was born becasue I was willing to be daring!

I adore this pendant.I feel that this pendant was written to remind us to give ourselves a little nudge every now and again. Take that course, go on that vacation...wear the sweet outfit..and buy that amazing pendant!!

Go shopping and grab ahold of this pendant! Only one like it. So do tell, ladies what's your daring?..I would really love to know!!

Much love to you.


Rio Grande link:


I'm a blogger!!

Today, Friday July 21, 2017 starts my new venture as a blogger. Always wanted to but never really knew how. So am I doing what I did when I was in corporate America, using my "hot pen pursuit"approach. When I needed to write a paper, class material or a power point presentation and my mind had nothing but tumbleweeds blowing from ear to ear, I would just take my pen and write. It worked. I promise that I will not bore you with technical contract writing or snoozy healthcare rules and regs..instead I will put on your plate juicy bits of knowledge, whether it be about antique pieces, the cool way metal reacts to heat and what can be done it with it... gem properties, my wondering thoughts for the day and such. But what I really want to is learn from you. I am still a neophyte is this game of jewelry. So much more for me to learn, so I'll spill my filled to the brim brain of ideas, maybes, and can this be done, stuff. I give you all I know over time and anything new I may stumble across. If my head gets stuffed with cotton and I have no words, which is not me, I'll tell you and maybe muse on that for a while. I would like for my blog to be inactive. So grab your gear, tools and whatever and let's start this thing off right.., with a weird question..
Ok for starters...anyone know want a "merkin" is? Let's see who's reading??
As always, hammering away....